28 years ago today I went to the Tarrant County Courthouse in downtown Fort Worth, Texas with my parents, my brother and Barbara. There we said our vows in front of the Justice of the Peace and left a married couple.
Combat Snuggles Book Club - Volume 1, Number 3
Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things, feel the future dissolve in a moment like salt in a weakened broth. What you held in your…
Weekly Update, January 27, 2023
Combat Snuggles Book Club - Volume 1, Number 2
Early last week we found out that our new grandson Theo had Covid. It made for a long few days. It's hard when babies are sick. Scary too. Theo is so…
Weekly Update, January 20, 2023
The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires: reading 1
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