Combat Snuggles

A while back, I was laying on the floor in Justin’s room hanging out while he played. Liz was sitting nearby, and we were talking about how memes are a way for kids her age to express themselves when they aren’t comfortable talking about something directly. Justin was nearby playing with blocks.

Suddenly we hear this very loud “SNNNNUUUUUUGGGGGGLLLLLLLEEEEEEESSSSSS” and Justin bounds across the room and jumps squarely on my back. For snuggles.

“Dude,” I said when I got my breath back, “on what planet is that a snuggle?”

Liz: More like a combat snuggle.

Me: Combat snuggles. I kind of like that.

Liz: It accurately describes your life.

Me: Yeah, it kind of does.

So, I want to publicly declare that the name for this blog/newsletter came from Elizabeth. Combat Snuggles encompasses both parts of my personality – the part that is always ready for a fight, and always has been. The side that is perpetually pissed off about the world and the injustices in it. The part that went to war, trained in martial arts, and is always down to rumble. Combat.

Combat Snuggles also includes the part of my personality that is always looking on the bright side. The side that is quick to say I love you to everyone, the side that nurtures kids and cooks dinner and helps with homework. The side that tries to be a good friend and good person. The side that tries to help and hurts when I can’t. Snuggles.

Life is both / and.

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Stay at home dad. Combat vet. Not sure which is scarier.


Stay-at-home dad. Combat vet. Not sure which is scarier.