Jeff, I appreciate your thoughtfulness in how to categorize the categories. Sometimes the problem is that a relational mistake (essentially when the mistake occurs within a relationship of two or more people) may be considered by some folks but not considered a mistake by the committer or others. I hope that makes sense.

So, to O'Hag's point, amends cannot be made if there is no agreement that a mistake has been made. There is the idea that forgiveness is for oneself and not for the recipient of that forgiveness, but I think amends and forgiveness are different concepts. How do we categorize "half mistakes" or "alleged mistakes," when there is a lack of agreement if something was a mistake? These are just my ramblings.

Meanwhile, though, let's talk about that story in Mistake #2...

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Beautifully said, again. If I may…I believe one of our biggest struggles with mistakes is making amends. Why we continue to struggle with the simple act of saying “I’m sorry” and “how can I make it up to you with actionable improvements?” escapes me. Mistakes are key to being human…and making amends for those mistakes are what prevent us from being sociopaths.

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