I read the second assignment last night. I will give the author one kudo for sure. His writing is quite evocative. I can imagine the dirt roads and run-down houses. For that reason, I skimmed the episode

with the rats. That's an image that I do not want to imagine although some of it crept in anyway.

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As for the vampire being someone the MIL knew, it does seem likely. As to why he

returned, maybe there was some unfinished business. Or maybe the author

needed that for drama. On another note, the time when the MIL describes what happened

all those years ago is ludicrous coming from a person with dementia. There is no way that someone with that disease would be able to remember and describe so many details. A better way to share this part of the plot would be to have it written in some family history IMHO.

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I need to double-check. Kitty? Anyway the one who is so socially correct. I will be

interested to see what role, if any, she plays in the slaying part.

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As to the time gap, guess who did not notice. I will look again but sometimes on the Kindle,

one loses perspective. On the other hand, the larger font is invaluable.

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There were multiple red flags related to James, including the deadly appearance while lying on the bed. Was it his aunt or his great aunt? What about his vehicle? And there are the many discrepancies in his life story.

Patricia's actions make no sense. Any thinking person would be much more attentive and deliberative especially with a stranger who is making very strange requests. No way would I write a check for someone I don't know.

Patricia was looking for something meaningful in her life. So, being extra helpful was one way to do that.

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Q1: There seem to be many red flags when James and Patricia first connect. Which stood out to you? Why do you think Patricia ignored them?

A1: The first red flag that stood out to me when James and Patricia first connect is that she decided to perform CPR on a body she discovered in a bedroom in a house she entered without permission. WTF. If you think you have found a dead body, call 9-1-1. Don't put your mouth on it. Also, I would have been afraid that James had contracted the same "illness" as his aunt and would have wanted nothing to do with that house (let alone putting your mouth on a body you think is dead after seeing what the "illness" did to the aunt. (A nurse would know better.) Leave the casserole with a note. And co-signing for an account was ridiculous. I get Patricia is bored and looking for excitement. She found that excitement when she had her ear chewed on by another human. That's enough excitement. Boredom doesn't make you stupid - at least not for most people - and Patricia is being stupid.

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