Birthdaily Update - May 27, 2020

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday....

Greetings all! It’s my birthday. I am 48 years old today. It has been... an eventful almost 5 decade journey. I am glad I am here. Stay tuned until the end for a suggestion for how to really help me celebrate my birthday.

In the meantime, let’s get right to the update.


1. Almost as soon as I pressed send on yesterday’s update, news from Minneapolis broke about George Floyd. I will not be posting a link to what happened. You can find it online. However, I won’t be linking to the murder of black men by white cops. It has happened way too much. And it seems to make no difference, no matter how many times we see it. We will never educate our way out of it. We won’t ever get rid of the “bad apples” in uniform. Because it is the system that is corrupt. It is America that is broken, and until we fix that, we will keep seeing this happen. And not for nothing, but you can draw a direct line from the white fragility and privilege of women like Amy Cooper and her Central Park 911 call to the murder of black men under color of law. We have to rethink the whole thing from the ground up. I am not sure we are capable. We certainly don’t seem to be.

2. Speaking of incapable, and broken America, Trump was all over the news with a whole host of bullshit, from harassing the widower of an accident to smear a rival to criticizing a social media company which has spent literally a decade kissing his ass to asking randomly if he should be taking insulin. Look, lots of people - myself included - have spilled more virtual ink on this chucklefuck than we should have. At this point, it is pretty simple really. Trump is deranged and decompensating. He is Ted Bundy the last 6 months before arrest. He is desperate for attention. This all gets worse before it gets better. So buckle up. It’s gonna be bumpy.

3. In the midst of all this, some more fantastic news. And by fantastic I mean horrifying. Fucking 2020:


Let’s get some joy in here. In addition to my birthday, the following good things are happening in the world:

1. These neighbors, who made some adjustments in their fence so they could still drink beer and talk while maintaining a safe and responsible distance.

2. Finding a near perfectly preserved mosaic floor from the Roman Empire.

3. And this guy, who got buckets in the longest, most complex and convoluted way in history. Well done sir.

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Seriously. I wouldn’t be here without you. 

Be well, buy a subscription, and I will see you here tomorrow.