Final Call....

Greetings all…

Things here are progressing. After nearly 3 weeks of testing and provider visits, we are no closer to knowing what caused Barb’s sudden health challenges. It has been confusing and frustrating to say the least.

It has also been so incredibly heartening to see how far she has come. She still uses a walker to get around, but is moving MUCH better than she was a month ago. She is working hard with PT and speech therapy and is slowly getting back to where she was before all this.

I am grateful that is the case. There was a time a few Saturdays ago when I thought that I would have to move forward without her. That was a lot to contemplate.

The newsletter will officially return next week, and I will be talking more in depth about some of this stuff. And what I have been thinking about during these weeks of uncertainty.

In the meantime…

Barb’s 50th birthday is TOMORROW.

Please help me celebrate her. If you haven’t yet, please visit her Kudoboard and leave a Happy Birthday message, a get well message, or just some general love. It is simple and easy. Take a couple of minutes and help me make her birthday special.

This is the last chance to help me wish a very special person happy birthday.


Be well y’all. Keep pounding the rock.

See you next week.