Friday Positivity - Juneteenth 2020

Here we are. The end of another week. And like most weeks lately this one has lasted five months. And has also lasted five minutes. Because that is how time is now. Bent.

Today is Juneteenth. Growing up in Texas, this has always been an important day. I grew up in a family that saw it in all the wrong ways, for the wrong reasons. The last few weeks have shown that we haven’t come as far as we think and that there is much left to be done.

For today, it is enough to take a breath. To find gratitude. To center ourselves in something positive, even in chaos. Because nothing is ever just one thing.

What is something good that happened for you this week? Please share in the comments.

I am grateful that the weather has broken, the sun is shining and Justin and I are at the pool where he can splash and play. I enjoy his joy.

Where is your joy today?